Futurama Worlds Of Tomorrow Hack :- Get unlimited Pizza and Nixonbucks

Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow Hacks

Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow hack

TinyCo has launched Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow on Android and iOS. This Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow hack and cheats game is about mysterious Hypnowave.

The L.A Studio wishes this game to restore the interest of fans of Futurama, a show from the Matt Groening. Simpsons is an American animated television. The show kept running from 1999 to 2003 on Fox and afterwards returned to funny TV from 2010 to 2013. Both Groening and Jam City are trusting the amusement has popularity from individuals who are sitting tight for a different substance.

This game is about a galactic adventure that takes players to space for finding the ancient alien artifacts to revive the fabric of universe-time after Hypno-wave transforms it.

Futurama Worlds Of Tomorrow Features

  • Futurama comes from creators of original Fox Series.
  • You can build your city and customize it.
  • Make your own story as per your wish.
  • Explore a new galaxy on artifacts to find new planets.
  • Customize your character with unique outfits as you level up.
  • Form your team and send it to an adventurous mission.
  • Tonnes of old artifacts are available to collect.

Futurama Worlds Of Tomorrow Hacks And Cheats


Futurama worlds of tomorrow are easy to play. No technical knowledge is required to play this. While playing this game, cheats will generate some NixonBucks and Pizza.

Nixonbucks hack is used for building a new city, and Pizza is used to boost up the player.

#1 Initially, click on the link mentioned below to apply the Futurama Worlds of tomorrow hacks.

#2 Then choose your platform on which you are going to play (Android or iOS).

#3 Enter your username in the hack which connects to your account.

#4​ Choose the amount of NixonBucks you need.

#5 Select an amount of Pizza.

#6 Finally, click on generate.

Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow Hack Gameplay

Nibbler, Fry, Professor Farnsworth, Amy, Bender, Zoidberg are the characters involved in this hacked game. Nibbler and Fry come from space, and they talk about Leela that she is in danger, So they have to save her. Nibbler said to Fry, "Everyone is either in suspended animation or trapped in a parallel universe".

Hypnowaves cover around the city. So Nibbler asks Fry to reassemble co-workers and rebuild a new town and clear Hypno waves. There are seven old antiques scattered around the universe. Fry have to collect these artifacts which are used to remove Hypno waves. By that time, NixonBuck and Pizza will be generated.

Initially, Fry finds the professor who got trapped in the planet express building. Fry stabilize the Hypno waves to save the professor. To stabilize Hypno-wave, 20 NixonBuck is needed. After saving the professor, Fry asks the professor to save Leela. Professor demands him that he has to handle a package with care. Fry accepts it and delivers the package correctly. To clear Hypno-wave, the professor asks for tractor beam gun to do his best hawking grade thinking. Successfully tractor beam gun helps in clearing Hypno-waves. To clear the block, Professor needs Robot 1-x to help him. The Professor makes fun of his co-worker, that the location data of your job chips are all constantly sending to my phones first goal has been completed. Professor and Fry discuss your day-long “deliveries” to the adult novelties district.

Fry started worrying about Leela. Fry said that usually when he falls in sorrow, he drowns his sorrows in liquor but all the bars are in ruins. Then build a pub in the city.After constructing the pub, Fry found Amy wong there. By this level 1 gets completed.

Initially, start the hack by downloading to the Android and the iOS device. Hacks and cheats provide nixonbuck and pizza side by side. When you complete every task bonus will be awarded. Using nixonbuck, you can build and customize the outfits of your new city. Pizza helps to boost up the player and also helps in attacking omicron persei 8. In the universe, you have to collect hypnotones which assist in clearing blocks and buildings.

There are some featured mentioned below:

  • Bachelor Chow billboard: 100 nixonbucks
  • Calculon in box network: 300 pizza
  • Jurassic Kiddie park: 75 pizza
  • Church of Trek: 100 pizza
  • Hyper-Chicken in Earth Supreme Court: 150 pizza

Some buildings also have:

  • The hip joint: 750 nixonbuck
  • Avenue Hotel: 1250 Kiddie
  • Skyscraper Center: 5650 nixonbuck
  • New York Plaza: 2750 nixonbuck
  • Sparky’s Den: 950 nixonbuck
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